Is FeniXEngine ready?

You can find all currently released plugins on the plugins page or on our Itch collection or our plugins page

FeniXEngine looks awesome. Who is it for?

FeniXEngine is for both RPG Maker MV game and plugin developers. We designed FeniX as a small and lightweight series of plugins, tools and guides for RPG Maker MV. All plugins are suitable for any genre of project and should benefit all developers.

If you're a plugin developer, we also have available a modular library called FeniXTools and they're designed to help plugin developers with common tasks. We also have FeniXWizard a tool to help you get started with a plugin project instantly with the latest JavaScript tech and no configuration required.

Who started the FeniXEngine project and brand?

Mysterious sorcerers and necromancers from LTN Games, in fact many of their deprecated plugins have been resurrected for use in FeniXEngine.

Isn’t it a great idea to add some awesome features to FeniXEngine?

Yes, absolutely! We highly encourage the community to contribute whenever possible and suggest features so we can make this the best and most compatible plugin suite available for RPG Maker MV.

What Does the Future Hold for FeniXEngine? What’s the plan?

The future of FeniX engine is to continuously work on, stabilize and ensure maximum compatibility with the latest version of MV and a wide range of popular plugins. Performance and new features are also very important to us and FeniXEngine is now open source so the community can participate.

Can I contribute or add my own features to FeniXEngine?

You absolutely can! You have our permission to use FeniXEngine in whatever projects you wish commercial, for sale, or otherwise, in whichever way you like. If you would like to contribute to the core FeniXEngine, you can do so by visiting the GitLab project and creating an issue or pull request.

Where is the repository?

We have a group on GitLab containing all tools and plugins