About FeniXEngine MV

FeniXEngine is a suite of RPG Maker MV plugins and tools, to enhance, fine tune and simplify the core of any RPG Maker MV project.


Make plugin development easy enough for a child, powerful enough for a developer and provide open source access to plugins and development tools. In order for FeniXEngine to thrive, it needs to follow much of the same principals as RPG Maker. The most important being "Easy enough for a child". When it comes to developing plugins, nothing about it says "Easy enough for a child" in fact it says the complete opposite. So our solution is to take away all the tedious and complicated work in between and make plugin developing attractive to the average RPG Maker user.

Open source

Making FeniXEngine open source was an important step because it keeps everything open to the community. Any issues, bugs or general help is easily obtained when the project is hosted as open source. It allows the project to continue with its growth even when the original author is nowhere to be found and we all know too well how often plugins are unmaintained for months at a time or abandoned by the author all together.

Modern JavaScript

Using the latest technology is important to stay on top of the fast paced and forever changing browser environment. Javascript is growing fast and improving day by day with each new proposal. It only makes sense that we use the most stable and compatible features available to date. With FeniXEngine we expect you to write with the latest Javascript and we provide you the easiest solution to get started coding with it right away, no setup or configuration necessary.