Fenix Tools Beta Release 0.1.0

Fenix Tools is a new RPG maker MV plugin development library and is now in Beta!


FeniXTools, is a modular library built for use with RPG Maker MV plugin development. FeniXTools is developed with modern ES6 Javascript and is designed to help with common tasks which occur often when developing plugins for RPG Maker MV, like extracting notetags and performing file system operations. Learn More

The Release

It took a while longer than expected but after some hard work and dedication, the very first public beta has been released today! Marking version 0.1.0 and is ready for community feedback. While this version is the absolute basics of what is planned for FeniXTools, I promise it’s still very useful for development.



  • Copied methods from FeniX Core to separate files/modules
  • File methods now use Promises and async
  • Removed about 11 common utility functions like isObject, isArray, toObject, etc.
  • Add unit tests for both File and Utils methods

The Future

The next release of FeniXTools is going to focus on fixing bugs, adjusting the API and the most important, Documentation! For me, the most important part of a library or any set of tools, is proper documentation. All methods are documented already but need general improvements like typos, readability and of course, they all require examples.

It’s important to have a dedicated documentation website so users can quickly find a method and a detailed description with a few examples on how to use the specific method or class. This is one thing RPG Maker MV was missing when it was first released, while you can easily read through the large code base, it should not be required. I don’t plan on making that same mistake and will have some great documentation and getting started guides.

Getting Started

If you want to get started on developing plugins with FeniXTools now, then your best bet is to install the beta using npm

npm install --save-dev fenix-tools

Unfortunately, a getting started guide is not available and you will have to figure everything out by yourself, the good news, it’s not that complicated and you can expect a getting started guide soon.

While it’s not ready for production use, it is ready for general prototyping and testing. This will be a good opportunity to help out with this project and contribute to it. If you find bugs or are looking for improvements, feel free to submit an issue on the now open to the public repository.

While there is no documentation or getting started guides, it’s recommended to take a look at the introduction to FeniXTools blog post here




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