FeniXCLI 0.4.0 Released

Bugfixes and stability

Whats New 🆕 🔥

This is a smaller release with a focus on fixing critical bugs and improving stability. There was also quite a bit done to the Gitlab repository, mostly ensuring we have a stable workflow that will also take a lot of the nitty-gritty work out the picture by automating them.

Unable to install 0.3.0 🙊

To start the old v0.3.0 build was unable to install due to an incorrect package.json where it excluded important files. This is now fixed and you should have no problem to install FeniXCLI, go ahead and give it a try 🙌

npm install -g fenix-engine-cli

Stability and Bugfixes

Obviously bugfixes improve stability but you can also improve stability by fixing flaws in the code. This version adds many of both stability and bug fixes.

  • To start we found issues with the way the CLI references certain directories and file paths, most of the issues were in the paths themselves. So we made sure all paths are in the correct format and can be read in all environments.

  • There was also a bug causing the template files not to copy over after a successful run through the guided project setup as well as an issue with the installation of packages. Most notably linter packages were being installed as a main dependency and not a devDependency and we even had the standard package be installed when it should not be.

  • A critical bug causing packages to not install in some environments like Linux and another critical bug causing the CLI to have it’s contents open as a document rather than be run in the terminal have both been fixed.

Have a look at the full changelog

Where can I download it?

The latest version is already published on npm, simply install it npm install -g fenix-engine-cli

Or grab the source at the releases page

❗️ Don’t forget to read the getting started guide

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