FeniXCLI 0.3.0 Released

Auto install packages, configure eslint and colrful logging

FeniXCLI 0.3.0 Release! 🔥

For those unaware of what FeniXCLI even does, let me explain it to you. It’s a lightweight node powered CLI that builds a plugin development enviroment that you use to quickly and easily develop RPG Maker MV plugins.

While all of that is sounds really nice, that’s not what makes the CLI awesome, what makes it awesome is it allows you to create your plugins using the new Javascript module syntax, specifically the new import and export keywords, and if you have to, you may use require as well. All of this is available upon installation, no setup required, no configuration files, just you and a setup generated project packed with base template files so all you need to do is focus on programming.

Whats New 🆕

This release comes packed with many improvements and stability. The first major change was the project setup overhaul. The first thing to take not of is you can now start the setup process by simply running the fenix command, with no arguments, you may still use fenix init as well.

FenixCLI Setup
The new pproject setup!

Linter options

There is more though, including more options, you now have options of choosing a linter, linter plugins and additional packages. At the moemnt though, the linter plugins are limited only to eslint. While the adittional packages include FeniXTools, Ava, and Flow, ESLint plugins have many options, including Standard Style, Standard with semicolons, and Airbnb configurations, but also includes the RPG Maker MV global variables plugin.

Auto installation

Now instead of running npm install after setup, FeniXCLI will automatically install the packages you’ve chosen to use, awesome right? I though so to 👍

Download lightweight MV project

You now have the option of downloading a lighweight MV project which will extract to your generated projects game directory. You will literally have nothing else to do, simply start the development server and start programming, or have a good snooze 😴 now that you have free time.

Be sure to also checkout the release notes 📋

Where can I download it?

The latest version is already published on npm, simply install it npm install -g fenix-engine-cli

Or grab the source at the releases page

❗️ Don’t forget to read the getting started guide

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