First Plugin Dev Log - Actor Item Stash

First plugin being developed with FeniXEngine will be a plugin that allows for each actor to have their own inventory stash, come have a look!

This will be the first plugin released for FeniXEngine plugins, entirely written using the latest JavaScript technology and FeniXEngine’s tools. Actor Item Stash plugin has been in development for quite some time so you can expect this plugin to be fun to use, compatible with many popular plugin authors and entirely free!

How it began

Believe it or not, this plugin was originally requested by my client Baku for their upcoming game titled “The Eyes Of Magnus” which the screenshots on this dev log are taken from. Throughout the development of the plugin we’ve came to an agreement to release it publicly and make it even better than originally planned. With this agreement I was able to slow down and focus on the direction I want this plugin to go for future public releases. Now here we are with an RPG Maker MV inventory plugin based off the “Grandia Inventory system”.

What to expect

Right now the plugin is 100% usable with little to no bugs but we’ve recently decided to wait one more version before releasing it to the public, this way we can fix up a few visual issues and ensure a stable, customizable and feature packed plugin. I know, how sad right 😢, but take a look at what is currently possible.

  • Each actor has their own inventory.
    • Each inventory can have a limit to the amount stashable
    • Each item can have a stack limit as well.
  • Items can be traded between actors in the party.
  • Items can be discarded directly in the item scene.
  • Items may be deposited in a global item stash scene, they may also been withdrawn.
  • Items collected during map travels are placed in a temporary item stash which can be later used to decide what to do with them.
    • With the temp stash you can discard, or assign to a specific actor, or be lazy and auto assign all items in the stash.

Temporary Stash

The temporary stash was the first mechanic developed, it was important to figure out what to do with all those items your characters find during their travels. With the temporary stash you can choose to display it whenever an item is picked up in a treasure chest or given by an NPC or you can choose to keep them in the stash until you decide when to show the player their collected items.

FenixCLI Setup
Temporary stash window

Global Stash

The global stash is used to store all those extra items that you don’t need for your current adventures into your realm. Simply dump everything in here and then take out what you need for your current quest.. or not, just don’t forget you have one, the global stash has feelings too.

FenixCLI Setup
Global stash scene

New Item Menu

The old item menu was not going to work, so we re-designed it to look an awful lot like the skill menu but it had to be done that way, because it works great. I mean, just look at that beauty.

FenixCLI Setup
The new item menu


All these items and new limits causes a new problem, what happens if you really want to keep an item but have no more room left on a specific actor. Well, just give it to another member in your party! Woot, problem solved, now you can quickly and easily trade any items you have between your party members, cool right?

FenixCLI Setup
Actor trading menu with the currently in development quantity window

Trade quantity

The most recent feature being developed is the quantity window, this determines how much of an item you would like to deposit, withdraw or trade of. It’s almost complete, a few visual tweaks and a couple bugs to squash and you can expect some fine tuned trading or discarding of an item.

FenixCLI Setup
Actor trading menu with the currently in development quantity window


  • Transferring maps will auto open temp stash

    • A plugin parameter to choose behavior when transferring (discard all, stash all or open window)
  • Shop and equip scene will be re-designed to display relevant item stash information

    • Show which character owns which items (and qunatity)
    • When buying/selling an item open the actor select window
  • Remove HP/MP info from status and replace with item stash information(max slots, items owned, etc) for the Item/Global Stash Scenes the status window & actor Select Window

When will it be released

I’m sure every developer hates this question but if things go smooth then we can expect a full release in the next week. If you’re a developer though, you already know things don’t always go as planned so well bump that to 2 weeks before release just so we don’t hurt anymore feelings in this dev log.

Stay tuned for future updates and the release, until next time!

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