FeniXEngine - Development Log 7

FeniXCLI almost ready for beta. FeniXEngine now has a solid foundation

FeniXEngine is really coming along well and at this rate, I can expect a solid stable release before the summer. FeniXEngine started out as a re-write/re-branding of all LTN Games plugins, which were made open source just before Christmas of 2017. The plans to make it open source is what got the ball rolling. Changing a personal learning project into something open source is a large step and requires a lot of work.

So it has been a long time since my last blog post. I have been busy with life, so, the amount of time I previously put into FeniXEngine is unfortunately much less than before. Lucky for me, I’ve had more than enough of a solid base to work with and the amount of work required is minimal. I just need to make sure I work at minimum 1-2 hours a day, and by the summer we should have a great set of tools and plugins for FeniXEngine.

Official Forum Topic

I’m really excited to finally start sharing and pushing FeniXEngine more in the RPG maker community. For most of its development, the most FeniXEngine has been shared, is here, the discord server and the occasional post on twitter. It’s not much, my hope is a few forum posts at the official RPG Maker forums and a few others will get people interested.

So, aside from sharing and getting FeniXEngine out to the public, the next move is all documentation, guides, readme’s and of course, the final touches on FeniXEngine core plugin. A lot of the base foundation for FeniXEngine is complete, and its a solid enough of a foundation that I can work on re-writing and create new plugins.

What is ready for Beta?


FeniXTools has been in Beta for over a month now, unfortunately, it has little to no activity, which is understandable considering it requires a decent getting started guide. This will be the first to recieve a getting started guide and improved documentation, so be ready for using a robust and simple RPG Maker library for all your plugins.


FeniXCLI beta has recently been finished and will be uploaded shortly. With FeniXCLI you can quickly and effortlessly generate a brand new project or generate a new plugin for an existing project. This will help you get started as quickly as possible with developing plugins with FeniXEngine.

Aside from generating project and plugins, it comes bundled with a server/watcher as well as RollupJS as its bundler. All of this is customized to work flawlessly with FeniXEngine workflow. This takes away all of the behind the scenes work and gives you the opportunity to work on programming and getting your plugins released without figuring out how all these build tools work. All you will need to do is run a simple command in the terminal and FeniXCLI will do the rest.

FeniXEngine Core Plugin

FeniXEngine Core plugin, unfortunately still requires a bit more work to be ready for Beta but it is so close to Beta that it’s worth mentioning it here. FeniXEngine core plugin is required for all FeniXEngine plugins. The core plugin is responsible for handling all plugin registrations, aliasing, registering plugin commands as well as a bunch of great mechanics to make plugin development as effortless as possible.

All the above is what makes the foundation of FeniXEngine, while most plugins can still be developed without FeniXCLI and FeniXTools, they’re both still very important for making “plugin development easy enough for a child”.

What do we do from here?

Well, I know what I need to do and that would be lots of documentation writing, as well as fleshing out the small nuances and bugs. This will happen over the next 2 weeks, the most important step will be the getting started guides and in-depth documentation. The documentation is yet another important asset for making plugin development easy enough for a child.

That’s it for now, expect some new and improved documentation and guides over the next few weeks and keep an eye out on the official RPG Maker forums for the official FeniXEngine topic.

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